Credit, Documents & Things You "Should" Know

Credit Guidelines:

Your credit history is important. Your rate, future mortgage company, and potential loan are partially driven by your credit report. This does not mean if you have less than prefect credit your aren’t able to get a mortgage! Don’t let the credit bug thwart your dreams of home ownership!

(Credit A) Impeccable

(Credit A-) Minor blemishes in last 2 years

(Credit B) Acceptable blemishes in last 12 months

(Credit C) Acceptable blemishes in last 12 months

(Credit C-) Multiple blemishes in last 12 months

(Credit D) Erratic monthly payments

If you have any questions on what your credit guideline may be or have no credit at all, please contact any of our loan officers for more information.

Collect Required Documents

All mortgage lenders and financial institutions require certain documentation to begin the mortgage process. The following is a list of required documents. This list is as complete as possible for the beginning of any mortgage process, however many programs require much less documentation. Contact one of our loan officers for more information on documentation alternatives.

Each borrower must have:

Documentation for Specific Borrowers:

Some mortgage lenders and financial institutions may have additional documentation requirements. Speak to a loan officer to discuss documentation.

Some Things You Might Not Know – But Should!

Obtaining a mortgage can be a stressful experience for any home buyer, and we at JP-Mortgage are dedicated to relieving as much of your mortgage stress as possible. You, as a buyer, can help relieve some of our stress by following these simple guidelines.

Some of the best advice we can offer is for you to communicate your situation with your Loan Officer. Communication is the key to a smoother experience. Remember, just because your loan is approved does not mean it is closed. Please wait until you have left the closing table at the Title Company before making any financial changes.


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